Vladislavs Judins Motivation & Biographx

My full name is Vladislavs Judins. Call me simply Vlad.
I’m 31 year old (and counting).

Cup of coffee with cookie Certified and award-winning designer in UI, UX & graphical design. My love for art and interaction design is growing in me since my early years. From the childhood I loved creating things starting from my favorite childhood toys like LEGO, to putting together ten-thousand pieced puzzles, and I knew that in future I will become a some kind of designer. With a passion for visual design, I dabbled for technologies and loved computers. Since playing Half-Life and Counter-Strike, as well as designing pixel-perfect designs in early versions of Adobe Photoshop. Those times I already knew I will happily use and work with computers for the rest of my life.

I created my first website in 2005th for my first client, — Valežs seasonings, for free, and even though I didn't know anything about HTML and CSS, I have to say that I enjoyed it that much that I've taken few more orders for free to experience the real process of communication with clients and coming up with best solutions, that were tested on practice and would work best for clients to empower their business with good design. From that point on, after going through school of Programming and Arrhythmical thinking, I was further growing my experience in understanding systematic approach and user oriented design.

I believe that design is about finding solutions to business needs than it is about anything else. The design is meant to become a solution to a problem people face everyday or once in a lifetime, and doing it in a intuitive and creative way. I wanted to make their experience outstanding. As the one great designer said — great design is the one you don't notice.

With over 5 years of experience working with various talented teams helping creating usable and beautiful interactive designs. I have worked for different clients from around the world, including USA, Latvian and Finnish, I've gained lots of experience of developing user interfaces and understanding habits of users of different nationalities. I've worked on projects in Entertainment industry, including social community, airfare and airline ticket booking web sites, banking websites and mobile applications, photo hosting portals, finance industry, as well as corporative home-pages for large and small business companies. Creating different style and type of landing pages that sell product on-line or simply describe the product in a way to involve clients into buying products.

W3C Approved, always user-friendly and semantic I design & develop websites using best practices and web standards guidelines, which results semantic and Search Engine Friendly websites. All my websites are hand coded and proof red. For designing I choose Photoshop and Illustrator for creating mockups and layouts, then Netbeans to write clean HTML and CSS code. I code to HTML/CSS, Angular, ReactJS, Vue. One of the only ones left, who wrote IE6 compliant code in 2019.

I am excited in what future holds for me and the way I can help to make it a better place for everyone.

Portfolio, client list and references per request (sorry, lots of work on closed projects with strict NDA).